Tuesday, 28 February 2017

When your Domestic Goddess status increases- Result!

And so on the back of yesterday's traumatic swim suit try on, as promised, today I am making sugar free fruity flapjack. How hard can it be...? I've bagged a lift and am off to the supermarket armed with a bag for life and my list of ingredients.

On arrival my friend/chauffeur (paid in coffee and cake) offered to speak to "someone in authority" about getting me a wheelchair. I don't need one anymore, and I suspect she just likes pushing me round to cause mischief, but go with over protective friend, however this is the same friend that took me shopping a couple of weeks ago and parked me up, in a wheelchair they had lent me (I was 3 weeks post op and unable to walk), with the children's ride on cars whilst she went into a kitchen shop looking for knives. She said she was worried about me causing an avalanche, similar to the previous shop, blaming the layout, rather than any shoddy navigational skills of the designated driver (her, not me) for this. She said she was worried there would be more devastating consequences in this shop and wanted to take no risks. It took a long 20 minutes for her to find the perfect ones, by which time I had manoeuvred myself to a nearby cafe where I ordered coffee and cake at a table for one! So you can see why I wasn't enthused by her offer.

'Parked up'

Anyway, back to the job in hand...Off I went to find my required ingredients, on foot...

1. 150g Medjool(?) dates - never heard of them, but turns out they are sweeter than ordinary ones. Who Knew? Not me!
2. 50g Apricots -  they come in 40g or 500g... sigh!
3. 50g Sultanas - they only come in a 500g bag... Grrr.
4. 75g Mixed seeds - now are these the same as the wild bird seeds? 'Cause I'm considering buying them instead, after discovering that the smallest bag I can find is 750g.
5. 150g Rolled oats - I found a 1kg bag. Looks like it's porridge for breakfast for the foreseeable future!

Back home the baking part is all relatively stress free, except for one thing- I don't have a blender (I'm only on the second instruction!) So here's hoping that the smoothie maker manages, 'cause it'll have to do. I've remembered to pitt the dates, and it's making an odd noise, but should hold out. I was a Girl Guide once upon a time. I think this helped.

Feeling nervous.
I'm feeling nervous that I've done something wrong or missed something out. It's gone too well - I know it's not a complicated recipe, but this is me after all... still, the proof of the pudding... although it's not out of the tin yet. It could still all go so terribly wrong!


P.S - Not sure about credits and all that, but just to be erring on the side of caution, this is a recipe from Davina's Sugar-free in a hurry by Davina McCall (other cookbooks are available). Does that cover me?

Monday, 27 February 2017

Shoehorn at the ready...

Wednesday will soon be here and in a bid to be organised I have decided to sort my kit bag. Make sure I have all I need. Be ready (I also need to check for half eaten, abandoned granola bars that are un-revivable). This was a job that should have taken all of ten minutes, but unfortunately has come to an abrupt halt as soon as it's even begun. Number one on my list is swimming costume; the most obvious and some might say important piece of kit, well it certainly is at my pool, where skinny dipping is frowned upon. I got it out of the drawer, took one look at it and could have wept, for someone has snuck into my house and swapped my costume for one that is for a child! I feel quite sick looking at it. It's tiny! Was it even mine? The last thing I want is to arrive at the pool and try and shoehorn myself in whilst I'm there, so there's nothing else for it - I need to try it on... today. Check the elastic has enough give in it. So here I am, it's now late afternoon, and I'm still looking for excuses to not do it. I've persuaded my mum to take me for a coffee (I'm still not driving), cleaned out a drawer, organised my daughter's shoes in colour order, checked 1,000 CD's match their cases and finally researched sugar free snacks for swimming, in anticipation of the impending news that I need to basically stop eating. It's either that or chicken wire. So excuses used up, and armed with a crowbar and Fire and Rescue on speed dial, its now or never (right now I'd take never)...

Some time later...

Let's just say that I am thanking my lucky stars that Speedo are very generous with the amount of elastic they use in their costumes, and I'm currently putting together a list of ingredients so I can hot foot it (I wish!) to the supermarket in the morning. This will be followed by a stint in the kitchen attempting to make some of Davina's sugar free fruit flapjacks. Nuff said?

Monday, 20 February 2017

Couch potato? Definitely not...

Some people might like the idea of having 6 weeks off, only moving between bed and sofa and back again, but the last 6 weeks convalescing have taught me that I am not one of them. There is a plus side, which is that I have discovered Lucifer and Vikings, and watched every episode of both back to back and am happy to say I'm all up to date. But on the negative side I've eaten 9 boxes of Jaffa Cakes, also pretty much back to back, that visitors have brought me knowing they'd help me feel better, and added to all the other gifts of chocolates, continental breakfast, cake and japonaise (my absolute favourite), I've pretty much eaten my body weight in sugar.

What I should have been doing during this time is researching training plans, looking into nutrition and become Wincy Willis looking at weather forecasts and seeing if I can predict the arrival of spring and the warmer weather. I had planned to at the beginning, however it just hasn't happened. Getting back in the pool just felt like a pipe dream until last week when my consultant finally told me I would be able to swim again on 1st March, and now it's days away I've gone into blind panic. I'm simply not ready!

You see for the last 6 weeks, along with grim shoes, I have pretty much lived in leggings. Comfy, easy to get over my bandaged feet, versatile and the clothing of choice when you're laid up, despite me not exactly rocking the look. I should have listened to a friend whose views are that legging should definitely be saved for the youth of today, but instead I covered all mirrors and anything reflective and informed all visitors that if they so much as looked at my legs in a funny way they would be evicted. Leggings have done nothing to elevate me up the fashion stakes and they have also led me into a false sense of security, you see when I was eating all these goodies if I'd been in my jeans I would have noticed my expanding waist and stopped eating sooner. Leggings have a lot to answer for... I should have listened to that sartorial advice but because I didn't, I have had to put an abrupt halt to my swimming shopping spree that I've been on this last 2 weeks. No point in me buying a new costume, or worse a wetsuit in my current state.

What I need to do urgently is to get on and start what I originally set out to do, and get my lardy ar*e into gear, pronto! So you see being laid up isn't good for me. Not one bit. It's affected my waist line, my motivation and finally my wallet! I've a week to claw it all back. I'm going to be busy!

Thursday, 16 February 2017

6 weeks post op and the pins come out...

Well today's the day! 6 weeks after surgery I am finally having the pins removed, and aside from one stubbed toe where I literally impaled myself on my own pin, all has gone according to plan. In anticipation of all going well, I have decided to buy myself some new goggles ready for getting back in the pool. I don't really know why I paid extra for them to arrive tomorrow when I know that I can't swim for at least another week, but I did.

Shark has offered to take me to the hospital, and frankly I'll be glad of the extra nurse for there's a likelihood that I will pass out. Before we go though I'm going to treat her to coffee and cake as a thank you for taking me and an apology of what is yet to come. Also, I figure that I may well not have an appetite afterwards and really don't like the idea of being hungry one bit.

Later the same day... I have to say that the last 6 weeks have been positively easy going compared to today. Sadly removing 5 pins (they are really nails. 'Pins' is the word they use to make you believe that they are tiny, thin pieces of metal - they are not) from your feet that were seemingly happy to stay put proved to be more of a work out for the consultant than he anticipated. Afterwards, and before the consultant could discuss after care and recovery times, I asked how long it was before I could swim again. In a week he said!!! If I'd been in a position to skip round the room I would have. Unfortunately I forgot to ask him when I would be able to drive again. Kinda crucial for getting to the pool!

Seven hours, and one long Nanna nap later I'm very sore but following doctor's orders and resting. I shall spend tomorrow on the sofa looking for a new swimsuits on my I-pad...I need to recover quickly. This being laid on the sofa is going to cost me a fortune!